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Web-based, workflow-driven, automated spectrum management


Our spectrum management system mySPECTRA introduces a new era for everyone who needs a tool to manage  and exploit the full potential of the available spectrum. Based on recent IT and web technologies, mySPECTRA sets new standards in usability and performance. In combination with our vast experience gained within multiple successfully realized projects, this leads to the market leading solution in spectrum management that assures best usage of the limited radio spectrum.

The Key Features of mySPECTRA

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Workflow Guided Processes

Workflow Guided Processes

  • User-Guidance through all processes
  • High performance and fast results
  • Reproducible and transparent processes
Browser Based Graphical User Interface

Browser Based Graphical User Interface

  • Platform independent
  • Ready for mobile devices
  • Responsive design
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  • Configurable dashboards
  • Add/remove widgets
  • Graphical overview about the most important figures
Cloud Native Deployment

Cloud Native Deployment

  • Public, private & hybrid solutions
  • Immediate access to the system
  • Facilitated Redundancy, Backup and Availability features


  • Certified web application security
  • Penetration test on a regular basis
  • Assessment based on OWASP Top 10
Independent System Configuration

Independent System Configuration

  • Configuration of Workflows
  • Adaptation of User Interfaces and Screens
  • Adding new languages
Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

  • Download mySPECTRA for IOS/Android
  • Track status of applications
  • Download documents (licenses, invoices, etc.)
Web Mapping Integration

Web Mapping Integration

  • Facilitated creation of transmitter/receiver/repeater sites
  • 2D and 3D maps available
  • Floor plans for dedicated locations (e.g. Airports) available
In-depth Technical Analysis

In-depth Technical Analysis

  • For the complete frequency range from VLF to EHF
  • Fast and comparable results through automated processing
  • Presentation of results directly in web based GUI

mySPECTRA System Components

Learn more about the system components of mySPECTRA

The first step in a licensing process is the capturing of a request or application for frequency usage. For this task, the mySPECTRA system offers mySPECTRAportal, a web-based data entry module that enables external users to perform the data entry process on their own. Besides that, users can track the status of the respective of their applications and may get in contact with the authority.

Finally, e-payments may be realized by connecting to suitable payment gateways.

mySPECTRAoffice is the central solution for the internal processing of incoming request of an authority.  Its fully automated workflows guide the user through all the processes of spectrum management, from receiving applications, frequency assignment, international coordination, billing and invoicing to issuing licenses, all the way to keeping check on the receipt of payment.
mySPECTRAoffice assists the user not only during the license / permit application process, but throughout the entire license life cycle. It has the functions and processes for renewals, modifications, cancellations, transfers and many more.

Web Portals offer the possibility to provide information for the public. This may include data about the spectrum usage in a specific region or in a complete country. Furthermore, it might be interesting to publish information about registered stations on a web map. In recent projects, LS telcom has included the respective functions in mySPECTRAinfo. Within this solution, public users are able to inform themselves about the frequency usage or also about registered stations in a configurable area.

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Make Your Spectrum Management System Even Smarter!

Complement your system with:


The most powerful spectrum engineering solution that assures optimal spectrum usage with the aid of fully automated coverage predictions, interference assessments and channel assignments.

Management of frequency plans with SPECTRAplan

SPECTRAplan is an advanced spectrum planning software for management of frequency plans. Define the rules for distribution and assignment of frequencies to dedicated stations. Frequency allocation tables from the ITU for the relevant regions are included in the tool.

Digital Mapping Data

Benefit from accurate digital mapping data that is tailored for your requirements.

Special Events Module

LS telcom's Special Events Module is a reliable and efficient solution for planning and managing special events. It can be customized to meet specific requirements and seamlessly integrates with existing mySPECTRA systems.

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